Beauty is a unique experience for every person. I want to know your experience. Because then we can get to know you and allow it to mirror your wellness. What is your experience with beauty? What is your self-care routine? Can you spend five minutes a day taking care of your body, whether it be a shower or a contoured face with an elaborate eye shadow look. I would love to discuss what can allow you to feel beautiful today, because feeling beauty is life changing and powerful. I am able to do all virtual or in-person individualized beauty consultations where we can find a routine that works for you, is compact and quick, and leaves you feeling good in your own skin. Fill this form out to begin the color match process and write in your specific goals if needed.

“I have gone my whole life, not liking the way I look in a mirror. When I started using the products from Patty, and using her self-care recommendations, for the first time in my life, after retirement, I feel beautiful.”

A., beauty client since 2018