Few of us accept our bodies as is. Regardless of how we look or how our body works, we’re disappointed.

Some of us want better nutrition and fitness. Others want better health. Still others want to simply get through the day
and not hate ourselves.

In my work as a clinical dietitian and prevention & wellness specialist, I have helped people with eating disorders, bariatric surgery, diabetes, sports nutrition, and wellness (nutrition therapy).

I focus on how to work with your body—as is—and develop science-based personalized action plans to help you reach your goals.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are complicated. They are “the perfect storm” of biology, psychology, and interpersonal factors. They impact all areas of your life and can be so serious, they can even be fatal.

Wellness (Nutrition Therapy)

Nutrition is a science, not an opinion. With a world of information at our fingertips, the sheer amount of dietary recommendations can be confusing, misleading, and overwhelming. What is called “wellness” often is not. Most fad diets are designed to lose weight the fastest and result in overworking our nervous systems and hurting our metabolism in the long run.


Following a dietary protocol for diabetes is very important as it can help control blood sugar levels, decrease the risk of heart disease, help with weight goals, and maintain good health.

Sports Nutrition

Athletes eat and train, they do not diet and exercise. From recreational to professional, all levels of athletes will benefit from a well-planned dietary prescription.