Change your thoughts and you may just change your life. With awareness of your daily thoughts, you can heighten productivity and realize the potential and reality of reaching your goals and dreams. What are your life goals? Do you have life dreams? Have you ever sat down and asked yourself this? Or is life just too busy, you are getting up in the morning, going through the motions and then going to bed. What if there is more to life than routine? Or is the routine the dream? I believe that each person has a dream and I want to hear what yours are. I want to know your story and how can you get to the next chapter.  What will it take if you are willing to take the time to be curious how to get there?

A coach has the expertise to facilitate processes that support your journey from where you are to where you want to be. I am able to use an assessment that employs the formal science of axiological mathematics—a deductive science. This is not a personality test, it is much more. This tool allows one to go below the surface of personality and behavior and have a clear and meaningful discussion regarding the baits of thinking that drive both.

At the core of this assessment is the use of Cantor’s Transfinite Calculus and the foundational concept of infinitudes to create a mathematical hierarchy that addresses the three dimensions of human thought. 

“ I made one of the best decisions and investments of my life when I chose to work with Patty…
The results that I had in six months of time was worth enough to me to continue another six months.”

Lori, coaching client since 2020