Have you heard this term before? I bet you have. What does it mean to you?

Does it mean your summer body is different than your winter body? Do you change bodies during the seasons? With the rising temps of the summer season, clothes change and our bodies are exposed more for the world to see. With that comes vulnerability. Showing parts of us we might want to or not want to.

I want to pour into you that your body wants to experience all seasons. Your body is connected to all seasons. It can sense temperature, wind, sound,  smells, and more. Just like the cycle of a day with resting and alertness your bodies cycle through seasons. Expect the constant seasons of change. Especially with your body.

With that being said, your mind and the story you might be having about your body not being good enough for the summer season are not connected or sensible. It’s jarring and stops all joyful creation. It creates this sense of shame, maybe anxiety or isolation where you’re not okay to be yourself. If that’s you, I see you. And it’s okay. You’re not doing anything wrong.

The first step to navigating this body shame is to be aware that you’re even having these thoughts of “not good enough” for the summer. Acknowledge that they are there for you. And having someone see them with you will provide a sense of relief that is extraordinary. We have the need for connection in our DNA. Having a safe witness validates that your experience of body shame is key. This reason for validation is not to remove the thoughts like surgery but to shift them with kindness. The shame, anxiety, or fear is trying to protect you. Promise. We don’t want to remove it. It’s a part of you. You will want to get to know it. Connect to it. This will create a summer body that feels just right. Eventually, slowly and kindly. Just like the seasons change and shift, so can you.