Before & After Photos – Do They Work?

Have you ever seen photos of people before and after regarding their body changes? A photo of someone before represents what they don't want to look like, and a photo to the right represents what they DO want to look like. I think the photo comparison is not...

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The Ideal Mom Diet

All your children want is you. Maybe they also want the side of fries or the extra dessert too. Yet at their core, they want you. Not the perfect mom, more muscle mom, fatter mom, skinnier mom, organic mom, rich mom, Instagram mom, not every other mom you THINK you...

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Grief & Food Addictions

To put into language the feelings of loss is tough. Almost awkward and impossible. And thus exhausting. Grief is exhausting. Death is final. There is almost No relief. And your brain can’t catch up. Your body feels it and you in anguish, Desperately try to make it...

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Taste The Moment

We are already in the 3rd month of the year. The days will get longer this weekend and we will start to spend more time outside, or I hope you get to! Can you look back at where you were in January 2024? Can you see a few steps of progress? If you feel proud of that...

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