Multitasking is when you try to do two thoughtful things at once. We do it SO often, we have started to trick ourselves we are REALLY good at it. And we can get more done. Research out of UCLA suggests that doing two thoughtful things at once is actually a sure- way to (1) increase the time it takes to get the task(s) done (2) Increase emotional dysregulation – feel stressed and (3) Decrease the quality of your creation.

So why do we do it? Because we are trying to complete TOO much. We are over-scheduled, and overworked, and systemically, things do need to shift multi-tasking to decrease.

So why am I talking about multi-tasking in regards to your health?

Have you ever eaten while driving? Have you ever worked out while listening to a podcast? Have you ever walked on a treadmill and worked? You are trying to do two thoughtful things at once and expect the results to be the same as intentional workouts or intentionally dream creation. YOUR BRAIN CANNOT do two things at once. At least not without compromising the time, quality or stress load. If you are wanting to change your food habits, focus on JUST eating when you are eating. Thats right, nothing else but noticing and tasting your food and body and SLOW DOWN. If you are wanting to increase your muscle mass, when lifting weights, be THERE and be present for the 30 minute lift. If you are wanting to concentrate on your rest, JUST sleep. Turn off the TV and stimulation and rest.

I get it, this is HARD and there are SO MANY factors to consider such as neurodivergency, pain tolerance and coping skills. So this approach needs to be individualized and a mentor, therapist or coach would be a wise addition to your team to help guide you where’s best to start. In short, SLOW DOWN. Slowly.