We are already in the 3rd month of the year. The days will get longer this weekend and we will start to spend more time outside, or I hope you get to!

Can you look back at where you were in January 2024? Can you see a few steps of progress? If you feel proud of that progress, go celebrate with what makes you feel seen and connected. If
you feel discouraged, I see you too. For encouragement with your health, trying a new diet in
the same way as before can feel insane. Meaning, a diet that is temporary and only for 6 weeks
will not transform your health. Low carbohydrate, low calorie, or a diet full of supplements does
not transform the way you feel. Feelings come from within, so in order to change how you
FEEL, I suggest you transform HOW you feel. What this means is to reset your nervous system
and pay attention to HOW you manage your emotions. THIS will impact your digestion,
weight maintenance, and hormones. It’s hard though. And it’s my favorite way to work with
clients. My 12 step course to redefine your relationship with your body and food paired with
shifting your habits of thinking WILL transform your health. If you’d like to take the next step in your health, this is the link to sign up!

Here is a freebie

For the month of March, get back to your basic hunger and fullness cues, to get back health,
and stay present. Taste your food. Close your eyes and REALLY taste it. Sense how it feels to digest, try to sense your fullness. If this feels impossible, reach out and we can start to navigate how you can sense your energy again because it is possible to heal. It is possible to feel. Because you are worthy and you are valuable. I do a fun exercise with clients to identify their tastes again.

In this hectic world, going slower and staying present with your current health goals you have set for 2024 will far outlast and compete with any sort of rush towards health. To aim for
sustainable health, increase awareness of how your mind, heart, and gut (mindset) are influencing your behaviors. I can measure your thought patterns for free and show you how they work!