All your children want is you. Maybe they also want the side of fries or the extra dessert too. Yet at their core, they want you.

Not the perfect mom, more muscle mom, fatter mom, skinnier mom, organic mom, rich mom, Instagram mom, not every other mom you THINK you should be.

Sometimes, we think we are not enough, and a diet will fix that. If it’s organic or homemade then I’ll be a top tier home-maker. Have you ever needed the baked good for the bake sale to be perfect? Or to look perfect at least? This type of expectation can be exhausting. And fleeting. Perfect doesn’t exist. Not even in health. There is NO such thing as the ideal Diet. Because life changes and so does your health. What kids want is you to be with them and to be fully there. That does require a level of health so you’re not distracted or in pain. And sometimes that’s impossible because mothers are human and we have ailments or trauma or stories ourselves. Sometimes the inner dialogue of the perfect diet is so loud we are distracted. And that distraction is painful.

What kids want the most is to feel safe in your presence. They want to know if you can handle your own emotions and if you care about their feelings.

Instead of what can you DO for your kids, ask who can I BE for my kids? Find a diet that allows you to be safe. And then you will feel aligned, healthy and present So you can be there for them. LISTEN to them. And show them they are loved.